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Business Owners benefit more from Cash-In Merchant introductions!

If you know of any merchants who might be interested in becoming a Cash-In Merchant, introduce them to this program now! For more information about Cash-In Merchants, please visit our Cash-In Merchants information page.

The Procedure

  1. Just get the merchant to submit the following:

    1. 2 copies of iSynergy’s Cash-In Merchant agreement, duly completed and signed:

      Adobe PDF file 73K PDF file

    2. 1 copy of the Merchant Application Form, duly completed and signed:

      Adobe PDF file 34K PDF file

    3. 1 copy of the EDC Rental Form (if merchant wishes to have EDC terminal), duly completed and signed:

      Adobe PDF file 49K PDF file

      Get Adobe Reader Software Get Adobe® Reader® software

    4. Supporting documents (photocopies):

      • I.C. of authorized signatory

      • Forms 9, 24 & 49, if merchant is a private limited (Sdn. Bhd.) company

      • Form B/A, if sole proprietorship / partnership

      • Bank Statements (3 months) if merchant wishes to apply to become MasterCard Merchant

      You can download the forms by clicking on the relevant links above or get them from any Cosway Sales Centre.

  2. Forms and supporting documents should be submitted to:

    • (Cash-In Merchant Program) Sdn Bhd
      Lot 12A.07, 12A Floor Wisma Cosway
      Jalan Raja Chulan
      50200 Kuala Lumpur

    If you have introduced merchants to the Rewards Merchant program, please get those merchants to sign up as Cash-In Merchants. Just request these merchants to return their Rewards Merchant agreement to eCosway and to submit the relevant documents mentioned above as soon as possible.

  3. Upon receipt of Documents A & B, eCosway shall record the date and time received. Should any controversy arise over duplicate documents received bearing different details for the same merchant, the first set of complete documents bearing Merchant’s signature and stamp received by eCosway shall be recognized as rightful set for processing the Partner Merchant arrangement.

  4. eCosway will furnish copies of Document A & B to iSynergy within 3 working days from receipt of the complete set of documents.

  5. After notification from eCosway, iSynergy will contact the Merchant within 7 working days to discuss the Electronic Data Capturing (EDC) facility application and rate. Any necessary EDC facility installation will be pursuant to approval.

For further information, please call Customer Service at 03-2143 4164 / 4171 or 03-2070 4768 during business hours, or send email to