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Cash-In Merchant Benefits

Cash-In Merchants are merchants that have an agreement with iSynergy, a loyalty card processing company that eCosway is working with for this program. All we need is for you to give iSynergy a commission on every transaction you make with an eCosway Rewards Cardholder. iSynergy will give eCosway 70% of this commission, and eCosway will use this commission in the following manner:

  • 20% will help pay for bigger and better prizes in our auction

  • 80% will be converted to "eVolume" (eV) for calculation of profits paid to eCosway Business Owners.

The minimum commission amount we ask for is 10%. If you can give us more than 10%, it is even better! Any extra commission you give eCosway will be used to offer ongoing or time-limited discounts and special offers to our cardholders.

This gives you more flexibility for creating shopper excitement on an ongoing basis. For example, if you can offer 20%, we will convert the first 10% into eV for profit payout to our network, and then we will give the other 10% directly to the cardholder in the form of an immediate discount at the point of sale.

Cash-In Merchants gain all these benefits:

  • Harnessing the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Gaining new shoppers who want to regularly and loyally shop at your establishment.

  • Participating in one of the most successful loyalty programs in Malaysia.

  • Only paying commissions when we bring you business – signing up is free!

  • No need to change existing EDC terminal (or even to have one).

  • Two web pages showcasing your business at no cost to you.

  • Exposure to over ONE million Cash-In Cardmembers as potential shoppers! (And this figure is rapidly growing.)

  • If you need a manual imprinter to capture Rewards Card transmissions, iSynergy will give you one for FREE, and if you need an EDC terminal, iSynergy can provide you with one at a fantastic rate.

Business Owners benefit more from Cash-In Merchant introductions!

If you know of any merchants who might be interested in becoming a Cash-In Merchant, introduce them to this program now! If they are accepted as a Cash-In Merchant, you can earn eVolume (eV) from transactions done at the Cash-In Merchants you introduced in TWO ways:

  1. For eCosway Rewards Cardholder transactions:
    Formula: (Transaction amount x Commission rate x 70% x 10%) / 3.5 / 60%

  2. For Other Cash-In Cardholder (Non-eCosway Rewards Card) transactions:
    (transactions done by the other 1 million Cash-In cardholders)

    Formula: (Transaction Value x Commission Rate x 70% x 5%) / 3.5 / 60%

Sign up now as a Cash-In Merchant!