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Partner Merchant Benefits

You Get a Fantastic Loyalty Program!

eCosway awards “Card Value Points” (CVPs) to encourage cardholder spending. We award 1 CVP for every RM100 charged on the eCosway Co-Branded Card at non-partner establishments, and 2 CVPs for every RM100 charged with Partner Merchants. What is an eCosway Merchant?

This means that every time one of our cardholders spends with you, he or she gets the benefit of a very fun, very rewarding, loyalty program.

  • Items at Unheard-of Prices: Unlike other loyalty programs, where cardholders have to collect thousands of points before they can get one prize, eCosway Business Owners can exchange just 1 or 2 CVPs for fantastic discounts on hundreds of popular items. These items include a wide range of personal and home appliances, kitchenware, branded items, etc. which can be conveniently picked up at any one of the over 400 Cosway Sales Centres around Malaysia.

  • Winning a branded watch: Hundreds of desirable, brand-name products are put up for bid in eCosway’s “CVP Luxury Auction”. All Business Owners do is place their bids - with CVPs! The highest bid wins. Prizes can include branded watches, plasma TVs, electronic items, brand-name perfumes, and vouchers for dining and travel, etc.

Those who do not win do not lose their CVPs. The CVPs will continue to accumulate so people can use them in subsequent auctions. Everyone stands a chance to win sooner or later… as long as they continue to chalk up CVPs!

You Have Tremendous Upside Potential & ZERO downside risk

You will reap incremental business volume from an expanded customer base comprised of eCosway Co-Branded Cardholders.

The factors driving the incremental business volume are:

  • eCosway Business Owners are most likely to take the opportunity to use their eCosway Co-Branded Card at every applicable opportunity to receive eV and CVPs. This means more frequent and repeated sales for you.

  • eCosway Business Owners strive continuously to expand their networks by recruiting their friends and relatives in order to increase their earnings. This means Business Owners will not only encourage their friends to join eCosway, but will also encourage them to shop at your establishment. You automatically acquire new customers when Business Owners bring in other Business Owners.

  • Our Business Owners need to generate sales volume (eV) each month to qualify for bonuses and incentives. They will be very motivated to patronize Partner Merchants instead of non-Partner Merchant outlets because they receive almost 9 times higher eV by using their Co-Branded Card at partner merchants (that give us 10%) than they do from non-partner establishments.

This whole new business venture costs you nothing unless we bring you business. We bear the entire cost of the advertising and promotion, the web hosting, and the loyalty program.

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