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Whoops! Direct

eCosway, in partnership with MobilityOne Berhad, offers eCosway Business Owners the opportunity to earn eVolume (eV) every time they reload their prepaid talktime.

Whoops! Now Known as OnePoint
New Name, New Benefits and MORE!

Whoops! Direct Prepaid Reload Services is now known as OnePoint Prepaid Reload Service. The rebranding exercise serves to accentuate Whoops!’s identity and core role as a one-point payment platform provider. OnePoint Prepaid Reload Service consolidates electronically transportable retail products and services offered by multiple service providers on one single platform, offering more convenience and greater accessibility for customers.

All SMS messages and receipts from OnePoint will contain the new brand name and logo, where applicable.

For more information, please contact:

MobilityONE Berhad (formerly Whoops Sdn Bhd)
2-3, Incubator 2, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Care Line : 1-700-80-6663
Tel : 03-89965833
Fax: 03-89963601

OnePoint Customer Care Centre
Care Line : 1-700-80-6663
Tel : 03-89920700
Fax: 03-89963601

You can now enjoy the convenience of purchasing OnePoint Service Prepaid Reload products and services by just sending an SMS message AND earn eV at the same time! You can pay using any credit card, but if you want to earn extra eV or CVPs (where applicable), be sure to use your eCosway Credit or Payment Card for this program.

With OnePoint Service, you will enjoy immediate products-on-demand.

Advantages of OnePoint Service

  • Reload anytime and anywhere. OnePoint Service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Wide range of prepaid products to choose from.

  • Safe and flexible. With OnePoint Service, the purchase value is always tied to a PIN and phone number, ensuring that you never lose your purchase value.

  • Hassle free payment. Purchase amount is automatically deducted from your credit, which is conveniently created upon registration.