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Terms and Conditions for OnePoint Service


1. Upon receipt and approval by MobilityONE Berhad, the Subscriber's application form and complete documentation will be processed within seven (7) working days for online application and twenty one (21) working days for forms submited by fax or mail.

2. The Subscriber's OnePoint Service account shall be activated upon the Subscriber receiving the OnePoint Services PIN via SMS and a credit amount of RM100 will be created for Subscriber purchases ("Credit"). Upon each successful purchase request, the purchase value will be deducted from the Credit.

3. All OnePoint Service application forms must be submitted with legible photocopies of the credit card (as specified by the Subscriber in the application form) and the identification card (front and back) of the credit card owner.


4. The top-up amount request via SMS will automatically be charged to the credit card registered by the Subscriber for OnePoint Service ("registered credit card") upon authorization from the Bank. Minimum top-up of the Credit amount each time is in multiples of Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred (RM100).

5. Fulfillment time after MobilityONE Bhd receives the SMS request for a top-up is not more than fifteen (15) minutes subject to Item 9 below..

6. In the event of a transaction rejection due to unavailable credit limit in the Subscriber's registered credit card or where the use of the card is terminated or suspended for any reason whatsoever, MobilityONE Bhd shall not be held liable to the Subscriber in relation to the provision of the Service.

7. A Subscriber who registers a Non-eCosway AmBank credit card for this Service is entitled to 1 less the commission applicable. Upon approval of the Subscriber's eCosway AmBank credit card application by AmBank, the Subscriber consents and authorizes:

(i) AmBank to furnish the Subscriber's eCosway AmBank credit card details to MobilityONE Bhd to perform sub-clause 8(ii) below; and

(ii) MobilityONE Bhd to replace the earlier registered Non-eCosway AmBank credit card with the approved eCosway AmBank credit card for purposes of this Service.

Purchase request

8. Charges for successful purchase requests initiated from the handphone number registered for OnePoint Service ("registered handphone number") shall be deducted from the Credit.

9. Upon sending the SMS purchase request, the estimated time for product delivery or fulfilment is from five (5) to ten (10) minutes subject to the respective Telecommunication Companies and service providers' system uptime.

10. A purchase request initiated from any of the registered handphone and successfully processed by one point CANNOT be cancelled. Subscribers are advised to double check the purchase SMS before sending it out.

11. A Subscriber can only purchase DiGi prepaid reload products if the handphone registered is a DiGi (016) number. Purchase requests for DiGi prepaid reload products originating from a non-DiGi handphone will not be entertained.

12. In the event of any loss or theft of the registered handphone containing the SIM card of the registered handphone number, the Subscriber shall immediately report the loss to OnePoint Customer Care Centre. The Subscriber's account will be temporarily suspended until the Subscriber provides a replacement handphone number to OnePoint Customer Care Centre.

13. MobilityONE Bhd shall not be liable for any loss or damage under any circumstances whatsoever whether or not such circumstances are related to the provision of OnePoint Service.

14. The owner of the registered credit card is subject to and bound by the terms and conditions of the credit card agreement with the issuing Bank. The subscriber should refer to the respective issuing Bank should any dispute arise pertaining to the registered credit card owner's statement.

15. To change or delete a registered handphone, the registered Subscriber must call OnePoint Customer Care Centre. The subscriber can only change or delete the registered handphone number upon verification of required details by OnePoint Customer Care Centre.

16. In the event of termination or suspension by the Bank of the registered credit card for whatever reason, please refer to the issuing Bank for card replacement procedure. Subscriber will subsequently need to reapply to MobilityONE Bhd to enjoy the OnePoint Service.

17. MobilityONE Bhd reserves the right to amend or alter any of the terms and conditions related to the OnePoint Service from time to time at its sole discretion. Amended or altered terms and conditions shall be effective from the date of such amendments or alterations and notice shall be provided at the earliest possible time. Should any dispute arise pertaining to the terms and conditions, MobilityONE Bhd reserves the sole right to resolve the dispute as it deems fits.

18. The Subscriber is bound by the terms and conditions herein upon submission of the application form. The Subscriber is to check their email (specified in the application form) frequently for any updates or message postings.

19. Notwithstanding acceptance of the Subscriber's application form, MobilityONE Bhd does not assume any responsibility toward the Subscriber with regard to the terms and conditions of any agreements between eCosway and the Subscriber.