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tmnet streamyx - Terms & conditions

  1. Service details:
    *Speed of service is on a best effort basis.
    *Service is subject to availability and technical testing.

  2. The first bill received will include:
    *1st month subscription fee and advance charge of the second month subscription fee.
    *Installation Fee of RM88 (for packages with modem)
    *A one-time activation fee (RM75 for normal package, RM50 for exclusive eCosway package)

  3. Your tmnet streamyx bill must be paid before the due date to avoid suspension of service. During this period, TM Net will continue to charge you the monthly subscription fees.

  4. Minimum subscription period is 12 months. If service is terminated before the end of the subscription period, you will be required to settle the subscription fee for the remaining months and return the modem.

  5. Termination of service due to relocation of premises will be considered as pre-mature termination and will be charged.

  6. You are NOT ALLOWED to change the package or the telephone number (for tmnet streamyx connection) before installation of the service.

  7. tmnet streamyx Basic Packages are applicable to personal applicants only.

  8. 7-days auto activation is only applicable for tmnet streamyx packages without modem.

  9. tmnet streamyx terms & conditions apply.